I will not say that she has her arms spread around us to keep us safe, Because they are the strong pillars that keep our roof safe. I will not say that she walks with us in each part of life, Because she watches us as we make our own choices. She knows what it... Continue Reading →


I am proud to live in this generation. This generation with young poets, artists, thinkers and especially dreamers, who express themselves boldly and proudly. I am proud to live in this generation. Where we are driven by phones. The internet is our house and we are wealthy enough to call it ours. People say we... Continue Reading →

Anti- Gravity

I'm confined to this dark blue curtain, Which shows me new lights everyday They shine so beautifully, but I know I can't touch them. They may bruise these hands which often ask for anything that brings happiness. This metal beast slowly shows signs of weakness. It has given me so much that I forget about... Continue Reading →

Guilty Ghost

Do you still feel the thrill on quiet nights? Do you still feel like stalking those empty passages? Do you still want to be the ghost that you once were? Because I know I don't. The thrills that we used to get are now waves of guilt, crashing against me. The shrill screams of that... Continue Reading →

The Beast

I used to think that he was always asleep, not caring what was going on outside. I used to listen to him snore loudly as I made my peace with the world. But lately I have come to realize that his sleep is coming to an end. That he is going to wake up, and... Continue Reading →

The Gramophone

He has been sitting on that old teakwood table even before i was born. He has an intricately carved beautiful golden mouth that opens wide. Yet he hasn't grown old and never will. The countless songs played on him are a proof of my family's legacy and what we stand for. The music, the records,... Continue Reading →

The Beach

I walked just on the edge of the shore Where the waves came and receeded back into the mighty sea. The sun was setting now And  the sky was now a melange of purple and orange Odd, the combination of these colours. It was like the sunrays were trying to Find their way through, just... Continue Reading →

Hope – A short story

Amin. She knew that hope was a good feeling. She had all the hopes. She had all the dreams… The society won’t let her do what she wanted. She had fought with her loved one for her love towards art. She had been ‘given permission’ to continue her art only after a lot of convincing... Continue Reading →

‘What if…"

You wake up one day and realise that things aren’t meant to be this way. You are eagerly waiting for something to change. You wake up one day and realise that you no more want to be the brick in the wall. You want to get out of this ‘loop’. You want to go places.... Continue Reading →

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