Do you like to go to summer camps, and especially the ones which are based on singing? You will really love them because you will spend the whole day in a Musical environment.

I know all this because I recently went to such a camp by Kalangan. It was at a  beautiful place near Karad. There was greenery all around. The weather wasn’t hot at all like Mumbai. It was very pleasant.
We went there by bus. It was a 6 to 7 hours journey full of fun from Mumbai. As soon as we reached there, it rained like cats and dogs! But we felt very pleasant there.

Every day, we had to get up at 6’o clock in the morning. It used to be really cold at that time. But then we did warm- ups and did some Yoga. After that, we had a session at 10’o clock. In that session, we learnt a bada khyaal. Then we had a break. After that we again had a session, in which we learnt the Theme song of Kalangan – Nirmano ke paavan yug mein. It is a very beautiful and touchy song. We also learnt Western Music. Kamlesh Dada taught us a very melodious Harmony and Akapela.

One day we went for trekking on a fort which was on a mountain nearby, named Vasant Gad. It was big fun.

In these eight days, we learnt lots of things. The people there were as good as a family.
We had lots of fun in the camp. On the last day, we had a grand program. We performed Raag Marubihag – Vilambit Bada Khayal, Bandish, Sargam and Tarana. We sang the harmony and Akapela aswell. After the program, everyone cried a lot because they did not want to go back home. My brother and I will never forget this camp. I have decided that I will go to this camp every year.

Would you like to come along with me?

3 thoughts on “THE SUMMER CAMP FUN

  1. hii akanksha…khup masta lihila ahes tu…we miss u all so much…do come every year…khup majja karu apan…take care….say hi to akshay…
    ..Sagar dada…


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