Akanksha Mategaonkar

Pollutionless Diwali

Just recently, Diwali –  the festival of lights, which delights us all was celebrated. We all bring loads and loads of crackers and burst them on the roads.  We light many diyas and make our house very bright and colorful… We all meet our relatives and have loads of fun  and receive gifts from them.

But, do we even think how much damage we cause to the environment?  Do we know how these crackers are made?  We better start thinking about all this,  because we never know! As of now we are paying for food and water. After some years we will have to start paying for getting oxygen too!!!

 Due to the smoke which comes out of the crackers, air pollution is caused. Such high pollution ends up in Global Warming and  makes holes in the ozone layer.  It can cause breathing problems as well.

The factories where they produce these crackers employ little children to make the crackers.  These children not only suffer from harmful diseases but also miss education.  They should be playing with these crackers, and not make it.

Fire crackers cause noise pollution too. There are many old people and new born children staying in our society. Their eardrums are very weak. The eardrums can burst because of the loud noises. We must take care of that too.

If we want to buy some crackers, we can at least buy those which make no noise and buy them in limited quantity. This year even I celebrated a noiseless  short and sweet Diwali   And you know what? I felt much much better!!

I have specially written this blog  for the children like me and the youngsters  of our generation. If we will not take any action, then who will????

One response to “Pollutionless Diwali”

  1. Akanksha, it’s Fantastic !!! Awesome… to write something needs lots of re-write but to write fantastic not sure how much efforts required… and you have simple done it. Wish you the best in life sweet Angel !!!


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