Akanksha Mategaonkar

The Cricket Fever in India ……

Cricket- cricket- cricket…….!   I can’t count the number of people who literally worship cricket. It is the most famous and most played sport in India. India’s national sport is hockey, but now it looks like in a few years, cricket will be as good as the national sport of this country.

One of those who – as I said- worship cricket and follow it, is my own twin brother. He’s mad behind it and has an ambition to become a cricket player too. In his free time- either he does balling practise, batting practise or play something with the ball. Sometimes he even carries the ball while we are going out. But, I’ve never seen anybody like him who has detailed information of every match that was ever played. He writes a blog on cricket too. That is really worth appreciating!

People go crazy when especially during big tournaments like the World Cup or the IPL. When India won the World Cup in 2011, my family and I had gone to celebrate the victory, to Naturals ice cream parlour. There was already such a crowd there that people had come till the road! People in countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan are also crazy about cricket.

Children and adults alike play cricket in some or the other way all over India. Mumbai’s Gully Cricket is famous. This is played in all those small gullies where it is impossible even for cars to go. They break a lot of glass doors and windows, but they enjoy their game. I have even seen cricket tournaments in small compounds. And not just in gullies, but also in big societies, children play cricket. Shops are making a lot of money with the number of bats, balls and cricket kits they sell. My brother also plays very good cricket and has joined a club for it. Sometimes he also tells me to play with him. They have built separate grounds just to play cricket, and no other sport.

Cricket is appreciated a lot in Mumbai. If people cannot play the game, they just watch it and enjoy.  They wear t-shirts, those fake curly colourful hair, paint their faces, and what not! But, they enjoy the time of their lives while watching it.

Cricket is really worshiped in India! No wonder my brother has a blog on cricket named “Religion Called Cricket“.

One response to “The Cricket Fever in India ……”

  1. Very nicely written. But I noticed that you have not written your own thoughts about cricket, which I can guess are quite like my own going by our faces when these guys are talking about cricket 🙂


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