Akanksha Mategaonkar

Inspiration for my Art

Art is a form of depicting the world around you as how you really are and what your personality is. People draw and paint to achieve inner happiness. They draw when they are happy, sad, depressed, angry. It makes them feel better and gives them some chance for hope. People get inspired from various things-be it a tree or an artifact- they get so attached to it that they think about it and put it down on their canvas. I’m one of those “people”. I love drawing and painting. Even I draw to achieve that Inner happiness. I draw when I am happy or sad. Or when I get inspired…

One of My Recent Drawings

My inspiration for my art is my teacher and my family. My teacher – my guru – has taught me everything that I know about drawing today. It’s because of her extra efforts that I achieved an ‘A’ Grade in elementary and achieved many prizes. It’s because of her that people appreciate me for what I do. I don’t know how to thank her for this.

Family is the best place to ‘show off’ your talents. You are who you are with the family. They keep protecting you and they never deny to appreciate whatever you’ve done. They are my inspirations. Whenever I take up my book and pencil but don’t know what to draw, my mother simply says-“.. draw whatever you are thinking right now. Or draw me-I’m so beautiful!…” She’s the one that gives me the idea for drawing anything. Even when we go through any picnic spot she persuades me to draw one drawing of the scenery over there. My father- is a lover as well as a critic of my art. He tells me wherever I’m wrong and always corrects me. It’s because of him that my drawing gets that touch of finishing and beauty. I am very grateful to him for that. And last but not the least,-my twin brother. He always tells me to take up the drawing sheet and draw instead of taking the iPad and watching YouTube! He also sometimes takes ME to be his teacher in drawing. A few days before the art exams he’s like… “Akanksha please please help me..”. He’s that kind of person who’s very encouraging all the time and surely appreciates my art. I like him for this.

Art is that thing in my life that makes me who I am. It gives me the power to face and show everyone who I am. I want this to continue till the the end and that it should keep inspiring me.
My life and the people in it are my inspiration for art. I am thankful to them. 

One response to “Inspiration for my Art”

  1. Nice work. Good to see new generation is taking interest in art and writing. Keep good work.


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