Akanksha Mategaonkar

Prayers for Paris

“Imagine all the people Living life in peace….”
-John Lennon
I have no words for the recent attacks on Paris. I might just say that devastating is just an understatement. Humanity, peace, mercy are all just words in a dictionary today.
I may not know the true motive behind these attacks but I don’t think that any of their motives can actually be justified. Killing people on such a large scale can never be justified. And that too on the basis of religion? Never!
At times the devil within us overpowers the better part of us. One person starts it all, and the others wake the devil within them. Some are even forced to do so! And once that devil is out, the humanity in the world is lost. This results in the unfortunate events such as 9/11, 26/11, and now 13/11.
However, it is truly heart warming that in such critical situations, people all over the world, belonging to all religions come together and make a move. Since the attacks the world has literally crashed the social media with their thoughts and prayers. And not just the social media, but also there are protests and shout outs all over the world almost every hour of every day. If we all come together and DO something, it does make a difference after all.
I hope we all kill the devil within us and let the better part of us overpower the devil. I hope one day, this world is a better place to live… for every human…. I hope there is peace. I hope.


2 responses to “Prayers for Paris”

  1. Waaa Akanksha!! Loved your thoughts! This will only happen when people will see the whole world as one bigggg family!!! When there will be love n care for each other in everyone's heart! Our generation can bring the change !!


  2. Mast Akansha! You have logical flow in your thoughts. Intro & ends are also attractive. Your writing fulfils all the basic principles of writing. Polish your language further for adorning it. Please remember that, the more you write in a simpler way, more it is effective and it will help you to reach to maximum number of readers as being simpler it will grasped by class as well as mass.


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