Akanksha Mategaonkar

The Beast

I used to think that he was always asleep, not caring what was going on outside.
I used to listen to him snore loudly as I made my peace with the world.
But lately I have come to realize that his sleep is coming to an end.
That he is going to wake up, and when he does,
I know it will be bad.
It will be bad;
since all this while the angel within was working and working.
And now she is tired and old.
Now she has given up.Then one day he did wake up.
He woke up, and he second he did, I felt a pang in my chest.
He wanted to get out.
He started to slowly destroy my insides.
He shook the floor on which my heart stood strong and shattered it.
He blew up what was left of the angel.
Then he came for me.
I had made a promise to myself not to let him get me.
Not to let him manipulate me and shape me as
But he finally succeeded.
He now holds me tightly in his huge fists.
He squished me so hard that I have spit out all my organs.
Which makes me  wonder how I let him find warmth on that same floor on which my heart stood.
How I have myself let him in.
He holds me in front of his face and there is a look of satisfaction on his face
and a sly smile.
That smile….it feels familiar.
Then it struck me. It was one that I once had on my face when I let him wake up.
When I let him overpower me completely.He has now converted me  into another being.
Although, it feels good. Deadly.
And now there is a sly smile on my face.
A look of satisfaction.

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