Akanksha Mategaonkar


I am proud to live in this generation.
This generation with young poets, artists, thinkers and especially dreamers, who express themselves boldly and proudly.
I am proud to live in this generation.
Where we are driven by phones.
The internet is our house and we are wealthy enough to call it ours.
People say we live in a concrete jungle- So be it.
I say it loud and I say it clearly.

I live in this generation .
Social media is our playground where each day some kids get into a fight and some solve it.

Yes our life is drowned in technology.
Yes our eyes are always shining because of the screen light.
But don;t you see how lit our faces become because of the light?

Yes we hate it when ANYONE disrespects our tech.
The street lights are our stars
The LED light is our sun.
We are fascinated by Vines and Snapchat stories.
New posts are our energy drinks and we become weak if we don’t see new ones.

You see, we are addicted to being the boss of our playground.
You may not like this generation, but we do.
We are part of this generation who consider phones our chuddy-buddies.
And trust me these buddies are true friends!

So the next time you wanna say that “This generation is nothing but Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat “,

Please go ahead and deactivate all your accounts.

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