I will not say that she has her arms spread around us to keep us safe,
Because they are the strong pillars that keep our roof safe.
I will not say that she walks with us in each part of life,
Because she watches us as we make our own choices.
She knows what it is to be independent
And to be happy through your own efforts.
I will not say that she told us stories of bravery and honesty while going to bed,
Because hers was enough to make us understand those things.
I will not say that she is right all the time,
But she taught me that having your own opinions makes you strong, even if others may not agree.
I will not say that she is perfect,
But she showed me that imperfection is beautiful sometimes.
I will not say that i am like her,
But i always try to find ways in which i can be.
I will not say that she is an oldie,
Because she listens to Ed Sheeran with me and sings along!
I will not say that she has the perfect sense of direction,
But she found the perfect one to reach her destination.
Her voice fills the room with sweetness
But at the same time tells me that to be able to stand on your own, you need to be bitter sometimes.
She also taught me to fight for what is right and that truth has only one face.
She caresses me with her hands and
Shoves off all the worries off my forehead.

I love you, she says everyday before i sleep,
And then i sing and dance with her in my dreams.

5 thoughts on “Aai

  1. Such a wonderful and touching words in this poem to dedicate ur Mom.
    Great Job, Keep it up ����
    God Bless ��

    Happy Mothers Day


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