Akanksha Mategaonkar


Hands glided against each other,
as if caressing the wounded palms
with soft cloth.
They wanted something
that would assure them that
sweetness can be licked from time to time.
Eyes averted in directions that loathed
hollow words coming out of black holes.
Eyebrows formed shapes
that were so sharp, they were ready to
slice off the thoughts of mercy
that came trickling down the forehead.
The chin twisted itself in such a way
that it pointed directly at a face
worthy of being poked with needles
until blood was the only colour it saw.
Soon, hands and legs
began pacing towards that same face
in unison, as if following a drum beat
loud enough to hush the
pleas splashing through the blood.
Fists that never stopped crackling bones,
was the perfect music to dance to.
Now, words that never appeared
in the walls of the mind,
began being shot at that face,
injuring it until it started deforming.

when this body reached the
bloodbathed stock of flesh and veins,
the tongue reached out,
hastily, but cautiously,
slowly unfolding out of the mouth,

it tasted revenge.

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