I will not say that she has her arms spread around us to keep us safe, Because they are the strong pillars that keep our roof safe. I will not say that she walks with us in each part of life, Because she watches us as we make our own choices. She knows what it... Continue Reading →

The Beast

I used to think that he was always asleep, not caring what was going on outside. I used to listen to him snore loudly as I made my peace with the world. But lately I have come to realize that his sleep is coming to an end. That he is going to wake up, and... Continue Reading →

The Gramophone

He has been sitting on that old teakwood table even before i was born. He has an intricately carved beautiful golden mouth that opens wide. Yet he hasn't grown old and never will. The countless songs played on him are a proof of my family's legacy and what we stand for. The music, the records,... Continue Reading →

The Beach

I walked just on the edge of the shore Where the waves came and receeded back into the mighty sea. The sun was setting now And ┬áthe sky was now a melange of purple and orange Odd, the combination of these colours. It was like the sunrays were trying to Find their way through, just... Continue Reading →

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