I am proud to live in this generation. This generation with young poets, artists, thinkers and especially dreamers, who express themselves boldly and proudly. I am proud to live in this generation. Where we are driven by phones. The internet is our house and we are wealthy enough to call it ours. People say we... Continue Reading →

Anti- Gravity

I'm confined to this dark blue curtain, Which shows me new lights everyday They shine so beautifully, but I know I can't touch them. They may bruise these hands which often ask for anything that brings happiness. This metal beast slowly shows signs of weakness. It has given me so much that I forget about... Continue Reading →

Guilty Ghost

Do you still feel the thrill on quiet nights? Do you still feel like stalking those empty passages? Do you still want to be the ghost that you once were? Because I know I don't. The thrills that we used to get are now waves of guilt, crashing against me. The shrill screams of that... Continue Reading →

‘What if…"

You wake up one day and realise that things aren’t meant to be this way. You are eagerly waiting for something to change. You wake up one day and realise that you no more want to be the brick in the wall. You want to get out of this ‘loop’. You want to go places.... Continue Reading →

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