Prayers for Paris

"Imagine all the people Living life in peace...."-John LennonI have no words for the recent attacks on Paris. I might just say that devastating is just an understatement. Humanity, peace, mercy are all just words in a dictionary today.I may not know the true motive behind these attacks but I don't think that any of... Continue Reading →

Inspiration for my Art

Art is a form of depicting the world around you as how you really are and what your personality is. People draw and paint to achieve inner happiness. They draw when they are happy, sad, depressed, angry. It makes them feel better and gives them some chance for hope. People get inspired from various things-be... Continue Reading →

The Cricket Fever in India ……

Cricket- cricket- cricket…….!   I can’t count the number of people who literally worship cricket. It is the most famous and most played sport in India. India’s national sport is hockey, but now it looks like in a few years, cricket will be as good as the national sport of this country. One of those who... Continue Reading →

Our Participation in the Society

Just a few weeks back, I had a group activity in school regarding our Civics textbook. We were supposed to do a Role play on “Our Participation in the Society”.  First, we had to identify a local problem affecting the society and show how the problem could be solved by people’s participation. We showed this... Continue Reading →

Pollutionless Diwali

Just recently, Diwali -  the festival of lights, which delights us all was celebrated. We all bring loads and loads of crackers and burst them on the roads.  We light many diyas and make our house very bright and colorful... We all meet our relatives and have loads of fun  and receive gifts from them.But, do we even... Continue Reading →


Hey!Do you like to go to summer camps, and especially the ones which are based on singing? You will really love them because you will spend the whole day in a Musical environment.I know all this because I recently went to such a camp by Kalangan. It was at a  beautiful place near Karad. There... Continue Reading →

Save our National Animal !

God has created many things on earth like the animals, birds, trees & plants, the jungles, etc. But now, the concrete jungles are replacing the green jungles! This has resulted into some of the animals being ENDANGERED!. This is a major problem for us.  We should try to save these animals.So, let me tell you... Continue Reading →

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