Akanksha Mategaonkar

Save our National Animal !

God has created many things on earth like the animals, birds, trees & plants, the jungles, etc. But now, the concrete jungles are replacing the green jungles! This has resulted into some of the animals being ENDANGERED!. This is a major problem for us.  We should try to save these animals.

So, let me tell you something about the ENDANGERED species. There are many animals that are endangered, which means that their number has reduced drastically and they may not exist in future. One of them is the Tiger. In   India, Tiger is the national animal and it is getting ENDANGERED! Once there were 14000 tigers, and now they are only 1400 left!! We are trying hard to save them. The Government is putting efforts to create awareness about them and running programs to save them.

It is a crime to hunt or kill the Tigers in India. There are many Tiger sanctuaries where Tigers are given special care. In these sanctuaries, the tigers are treated well and given food on the right time and they are set free.
Also, there are national parks all over India. Here, all the animals, including the tigers, are taken care of and kept for the people to watch. I recently visited Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali and watched two tigers and their cubs. It was fascinating to watch a tiger roaming free in the jungle.

Just last week, I read in the newspaper that the number of tigers has increased by 20%! My classmates and I were very happy to hear this great news.

The ‘Endangered Tigers’ is a major problem all over the world, as of now. Although the number of Tigers has increased, we should continue our efforts to save the pride of jungle.

In future, will the tiger remain as an endangered species or will it grow more and become a common animal like the monkeys, elephants and rabbits???


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