Akanksha Mategaonkar

The Beach

I walked just on the edge of the shore
Where the waves came and receeded back into the mighty sea.
The sun was setting now
And  the sky was now a melange of purple and orange
Odd, the combination of these colours.
It was like the sunrays were trying to
Find their way through, just before going away
One last time, they wanted to open up in the sky
But the clouds wouldn’t let them.
The purple now overpowered the orange
Telling it that its time was over.
Each wave  came with a different force, covering my feet.
Each wave left its own mark in the sand.
Each wave left a unique stone or shell.
It was in all peaceful.

And then i woke up.

Woke up to the raging war outside.
To the gunshots and bombings.
To the cries of helpless women and faithful soldiers.
Because it was he-who ruled the world-
Now ruled our little town.
They came in last night like a swamp of bees and invaded us , made us their slaves.
All that we once called ours did not belong to us anymore.
And the beach..
It is now a wasteland
Where bodies now came and receeded into the mighty sea.
Where each wave now came in search of deadly things to take back.
The blood had made the beach red.
And the sky. The sky was now a melange of hatred and savagery.
The beach was now a slaughterhouse.
The beach was not mine anymore.

4 responses to “The Beach”

  1. Very thought provoking!! Touches core of the heart.. keep it up dear!
    A poetess in making.


  2. I absolutely love this.😍


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